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Generator Building

Building 12

The Generator and Shop Building, constructed circa 1880 (Figure 4).



Zoning: Industrial


Access: Mill Street.


Utilities: electric from (unknown); transformer adjacent at southeast corner.


                   steam heat from Bldg 15;

                   cooling water from (unknown);

                   Sprinkler water from connection at Bldg 11 to recent municipal line in Mill Street;

                   potable water from municipal line in Mill Street.

Sewer: gravity access to municipal main in Mill Street


Floor drains: none.

ADA access: no.


Floors: 1 + loft + basement

Roof: multiple pitches, predominantly shingled, wood sheathing over wood rafters.

Loft: (unknown) useable square feet.

     same construction as Floor 1.

Floor 1: 3,720 useable square feet.

timber planked floor, brick bearing exterior walls, windows, no insulation low floor loading design; floor 1 level with floor1 at Bldgs 10 and 11; access to lading docks at Bldg 10 and 10A.

Basement: Occupied by the tailrace and generation equipment.


Freight lift: none

Lighting: (unknown).

Parking:municipal and owned, across Mill Street.


Comments:This older structure sits directly astride the tailrace and houses the Packard hydroelectric power generation station, which is fully operational.  Due in part to its age and location, this structure may have historic value for the community.




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